Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Decade One ✔️

The first time I met you seems like only yesterday. I can still remember the look on your face and the grip of your hand. Earlier that night we'd been constantly shushing grampie since it was the middle of the night and others were trying to sleep. That was a losing battle until your mom stepped in toward the end of her labor with a more serious request for him to leave (😂). Everything changed that morning and you inspired me to live better. God also revealed a new perspective of just how much he loves us. Despite random strangers and even close family/friends comments (judgements) that we were babies ourselves we found ourselves ready for the challenge. We did our best to trust God's writing. After all he does tell the best stories. We spent your first winter in Grand Rapids before taking the big risk of moving to Chicago the following spring. Seventy-five percent of your first decade was spent tearing up the city streets. You knew all the parks, all the burger joints, and obviously all the dessert places. You made friends from neighborhood to neighborhood since we always found ourselves having to move each year. You survived cold winters by sledding down staircases in the backyard or by not leaving the house. You built a community there and led the charge. Everywhere you went you made someone smile with your infectious joy and servant heart. That much remains the same yet so much else has changed. It really started to become evident in the final year of your first decade. Your independence began to blossom and you shined even brighter. I love watching you love on your family and friends. Your heart is so big and so kind. You see people for who they are and not what they've done. It makes me so proud. I hope you never stop rocking those quirky dance moves or laughing uncontrollably until you snort. Keep loving other people and don't lose sight of the one who loves you the most. He holds you in his hand and shapes you to be exactly who he created you to be. He will do anything for you. I believe he has incredible stories he wants to tell through your life. Stories of transformation, hope, and the truest love. Cheers to decade 2! I love you Lyvi Lou.

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